If you have a big event coming up like a wedding, anniversary, vacation, or company party, you likely want to look your best. Most people will spend a lot of time shopping for the right outfit and doing their hair, but one element they often forget to include is their smile. A stained or discolored smile can throw off your entire appearance and make you feel self-conscious to open your mouth. Fortunately, we offer a simple solution that only takes about an hour—professional teeth whitening in Midtown Manhattan at Appolon Dental Group.

Find out why you need professional teeth whitening before your big event.

A White Smile is the Perfect Accessory for Any Event

When you open your mouth, do you feel embarrassed by your stained teeth? If your answer is yes, teeth whitening is the solution. Think of how great your teeth will look in every photo captured at your event. Your glowing white smile will be the star of the show. When you look at the photos, you might notice your outfit, but the thing that will stick is the appearance of your smile. This is because smiles are the first things someone notices when they see you.

With that said, nothing can compete with a white smile as your most important accessory for your event.

blushing bride having her veil lifted by groom

Professional Teeth Whitening is Fast

You don’t have to visit our Midtown Manhattan dental office dozens of times to achieve a white smile. You only need to visit us during your lunch break. Professional teeth whitening only takes about an hour and can boost your tooth’s color several shades. Get ready to say goodbye to years of staining in just an hour.

Professional Teeth Whitening Results Look Amazing

No over-the-counter products can compare to professional teeth whitening. The products you can purchase at the store don’t use a high level of bleach like professional products. In addition, there is more room for error. You might not put the whitening strips on correctly and leave white spots on your teeth or irritate your gums. You might also experience tooth sensitivity or harm your enamel if you leave the whitening product on too long. The only way to get guaranteed beautiful results is by visiting our cosmetic dentist in Midtown Manhattan.

Results are Long-Lasting

After your whitening treatment, you can look forward to enjoying your results for months to come. For some people, their results can last up to a year. This means you can look forward to a gorgeous smile for longer than just your upcoming event. To help your results last longer, avoid foods and drinks that stain and make sure to keep up with oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing once per day, and visiting us for cleanings every 6 months. 

Get Professional Teeth Whitening in Midtown Manhattan Today

If you want to look and feel amazing at your next big event, consider professional teeth whitening. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Appolon today by calling (212) 557-8668. We will help you get rid of years of stains and help you achieve a glowing white smile you won’t be able to stop showing off.