Whether you have buck teeth like Hermione Granger or large teeth in general, you might wonder if there’s something wrong with your teeth. Although teeth come in all shapes and sizes, some people might have significantly larger teeth than others. Find out what causes your large teeth and how Appolon Dental Group can help with cosmetic dentistry.

beautiful woman with magnifying glass shows off her big teeth smile

Buck Teeth

One of the more common types of large teeth is known as buck teeth. This is a type of malocclusion (overbite) that causes your upper teeth to protrude out. For some, this can make the front teeth appear larger than they are.

There are several causes of buck teeth including genetics, missing teeth, impacted teeth, extra teeth, thumb sucking, or even using a pacifier too long. Tongue thrusting is also another common cause. Without treatment, patients can develop sleep problems, breathing issues, pain when biting or chewing, damage to gums and teeth, and changes to the appearance of their face. Fortunately, treating buck teeth is easy. Depending on your individual case, you might just need orthodontic treatment and palate expansion.

Large Teeth and Macrodontia

If your teeth are two standard deviations larger than the average tooth size for your age and gender, it’s likely you have a condition known as macrodontia. This condition affects only 0.03 to 1.9% of the world.

Macrodontia is a condition that affects the size of one or several teeth. In some cases, two teeth might form as one to create one large tooth, or single teeth just grow abnormally large. It’s common for people with Macrodontia to also have large pituitary glands and other enlarged features on a side of their face.

Macrodontia has links to genetics, race, environment, and hormone issues. It’s also more common in men and Asians than other people. Researchers believe the condition is completely related to genetic mutations responsible for growing teeth. The mutation can cause two teeth to grow together. It can also cause single teeth to not stop growing.

During childhood, exposure to radiation, toxins or a bad diet might influence the likelihood that someone develops macrodontia in their life. Hormone imbalances may also contribute to teeth growing to an irregular size.

Treating macrodontia might include orthodontics, teeth shaving, or tooth removal as a last resort.

Large Tooth Treatment

If you think that you have macrodontia, or buck teeth, or feel concerned about your large teeth, please schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Appolon in Midtown Manhattan. We will evaluate your smile and determine the best way to cosmetically enhance your smile to make your teeth appear smaller. Please call (212) 557-8668 to schedule a consultation.