With times of uncertainty, technology has helped us stay in touch with loved ones around the world or even in the same city while we stay safe at home. To help keep our patients safe and your smile healthy and looking great, we’re now proud to offer virtual consults for new and existing patients. Discover what we can help you with virtually at Appolon Dental Care in Midtown Manhattan.

man on a computer during a virtual consult

Learn About Procedures You’re Curious About

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about your options for restoring your teeth, beautifying your teeth, replacing missing teeth or simply enhancing the health of your smile, a virtual consultation is a perfect way to learn more about procedures. In the comfort of your home, you can talk one to one with Dr. Appolon about your dental problems and the results you want to achieve. Here are some common procedures you can talk to Dr. Appolon about:

  • Cosmetic DentistryAre you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Talk to Dr. Appolon about the features of your smile you would like to improve. She will then give you suggestions as to treatments that can help your smile. Cosmetic dentistry can do everything to transform your smile from straightening and whitening teeth to fixing minor flaws like chips or harsh stains.
  • Dental ImplantsIf you have missing teeth, dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option available. The implants anchor the replacement tooth to your jaw just like the roots of a natural tooth do.
  • All-On-4Learn more about the procedure that can replace an entire arch of teeth with only 4 dental implants. Say goodbye to loose-fitting dentures and hello to a fully functional smile that feels and looks natural.
  • TMJ TreatmentCOVID-19 might be causing you to feel more stressed than usual which can cause a TMJ flare-up. If you’re suffering from TMJ symptoms like jaw pain, talk to Dr. Appolon about treatments you can do at home until we can fully assess, diagnose and treat you.

Get Advice About a Problem

In addition to talking to Dr. Appolon about treatments you’re curious about, you can also talk to her about problems you have such as the following.

  • Toothache – If a tooth is causing you pain, there’s likely an underlying problem. Dr. Appolon can provide you with suggestions to treat the pain until she can treat the cause.
  • Gum DiseaseIf you’re battling gum disease and you can’t visit us in our office for treatment, Dr. Appolon can provide you with at-home solutions to hold you over until you can visit us again. Letting gum disease progress can harm your teeth even more.
  • Bad BreathSuffering from bad breath? Dr. Appolon can give you some suggestions for treatments to try at home to remedy your problem.
  • Anything else – if you have any other dental concerns, Dr. Appolon is happy to meet with you via virtual consultation to help.

To schedule a virtual consultation with our Midtown Manhattan dentist, please click here if you’re an existing patient, or click here if you’re a new patient.