Achieving a beautiful smile doesn’t have to break your bank. At Appolon Dental Group, we understand the importance of sticking with a budget which is why we wanted to break down the most affordable cosmetic dentistry options at our dental office. With our affordable cosmetic dentistry options and our different payment plan options, any of our patients can reap the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Our Midtown Manhattan dentist recommends the following affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments for patients on a budget.

Affordable Teeth Whitening

Not only is teeth whitening one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments, but it also produces some of the fastest results. We use KöR Deep Bleaching to give you a whiter smile in less than an hour. Visit our dental office during your next lunch break to brighten your smile up to 8 shades and remove years of staining. This simple and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment can emphasize how truly beautiful your smile is.

Affordable Dental Bonding

Another affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment we offer at our Midtown Manhattan dental office is dental bonding. Dental bonding uses a composite material to reshape teeth or fix minor flaws. If you have gaps, chips, or cracks in your teeth, our cosmetic dentist can use dental bonding to help your teeth look perfect once again. Dental bonding can also be used to make teeth look longer, hide stains and even cover exposed tooth roots. The results can last you for several years to come.

Affordable Orthodontics

Our last affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment at Appolon Dental Group is orthodontics. We offer Invisalign treatment to our patients to help them straighten their smile in mild or moderate cases. If you have dental insurance, Invisalign treatment is actually quite affordable. Oftentimes, insurance will cover part of your Invisalign treatment because orthodontics is for more than just cosmetics. Even if your insurance still doesn’t cover it, our payment options make affording Invisalign an option for anyone. If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment, our cosmetic dentist will first need to ensure you are a good candidate for Invisalign by giving you a dental exam and evaluating your current smile.

If you would like to enhance your smile without breaking your bank, visit Appolon Dental Group for affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments in Midtown Manhattan. Give our office a call at (212) 557-8668 to schedule an appointment and to learn more about pricing.