We’ve heard all the excuses about why our patients don’t schedule appointments with their dentist. One of the most common, though, is that our patients are too busy. There are a variety of reasons why you may feel too busy and overwhelmed to see your dentist. For example, our patients have crazy work schedules, go to the gym often, and need time to unwind and see friends. 

However, doing these activities without taking care of your teeth just doesn’t make sense to us. If you go to the gym, you care about either how you feel or how you look. Your teeth, and your mouth at large, play a big part in your appearance and your wellbeing. For others who are too busy with work and friends, your smile also affects your daily activities and the way others see you. 

How Your Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

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We have all heard about the importance of oral health, over and over again, even. Here at Appolon Dental Group, though, we understand how your oral health actually affects your overall wellbeing. Not only do we understand that, but we want you to be your healthiest self. 

Gum disease runs rampant when you neglect to see your dentist. Generally, inflammation in your gums builds slowly, even if you practice good oral hygiene at home. Over time, your inflamed gums gather more and more bacteria. Only deep cleaning from your dentist during preventative dentistry visits can really cut out the risk of gum disease. 

As if painful and bloody gums aren’t bad enough, there’s more. Unfortunately, gum disease has correlations with other diseases that can seriously harm your body. Due to its inflammatory effects, it can cause these life-threatening diseases in addition to general malaise. Some of the links to gum disease include heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. 

Your Smile is Important to Your Job and Your Relationships

If you didn’t know already, your smile affects how other people view you. This not only has to do with friends and partners, but it also has a place at work. Smiling shows excitement and encouragement, whether you are hoping to land your dream job or get a great promotion. 

When you flash that smile, feel confident enough in its beauty to make a lasting first impression. Whether you need professional whitening or reconstruction, Dr. Appolon wants to help you get the smile of your dreams. Once you are happy with your smile, others will see you for your skills and experience rather than noticing unruly teeth. 

Additionally, though we don’t want to admit it, a smile can make or break a first impression with a new friend or blind date. Make sure you dress to impress with not only your sharp outfit but also with your dazzling whites.

Your Dentist in Manhattan

Many New Yorkers consume themselves with work and family, often thinking that they don’t have the time to focus on their teeth. However, your teeth affect more than you think. Your oral health affects your overall wellbeing while your smile can make or break your personal and professional relationships. We encourage you to visit your dentist regularly for checkups. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Appolon online or by calling (212) 557-8668.