We at Appolon Dental Group are proud and happy to welcome you to our new website and our new blog. Here we will communicate with our current and future patients about what’s going on in the practice, like services we offer, new technologies and techniques we’ve adopted, and any special events we’re participating in.

We may take the time to share some of our successful cosmetic dentistry treatments with selected before and after images, along with information from the patients themselves. We’ll also highlight exciting new developments in dentistry. We are a very forward-looking dental practice, and we try to be aware of new techniques and technologies even before they become available to us. That way, we can be the first to provide these to our patients, because our patients deserve the best care modern dentistry has to offer.

Your Smile is Our Mission

At Appolon Dental Group, we are dedicated not only to ensuring you have the healthiest, most attractive smile, but also that you have plenty of reasons to smile.

We stay at the forefront of dental technology, so you know you will always get the latest care at Appolon Dental Group. We use scientifically proven approaches to promote, protect, and restore your oral health.

In addition, we use the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry to achieve natural, attractive results that are comfortable and durable. We want to see our patients for years to come, and we love to see those same veneers or crowns in your smile 10 or 20 years later.

Comfort and Luxury

Dentistry is an art and a science, but dental care is even more than that. It means that we have to truly care about and for you. And that’s one of the things you will notice right away at Appolon Dental Group: we truly care.

Expect to be welcomed by name, and expect to be listened to. And you can expect something else that most dentists don’t provide: comfort. Dr. Appolon’s friendly, compassionate manner makes patients feel at ease in our office. People who think they’re afraid of the dentist find that they’re not afraid of Dr. Appolon. They trust her because she is caring and because she is open and honest.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that our office is luxurious, one of the most luxurious dental offices you’ll find in Midtown Manhattan, which means it’s likely one of the top in the world (forgive us a little New Yorker pride).

You've Visited Our Site, Now Visit Our Office

We hope you like our website--we consider it an extension of our dental office. It’s like the lobby outside our lobby. We’re proud of it, but, in all honesty, our actual office is a little bit nicer, especially if you’re reading this on a teeny smartphone screen.

So let us officially invite you to visit us. Please call 212-557-8668 today for an appointment at Appolon Dental Group at Columbus Circle.